Upcoming Event:
ACADEMY: Memory + Curiosity

29.06.16 / 7.00 PM

Cognitive neuroscientist Araceli Camargo will lead this workshop examining memory and curisosity.

Curiosity is said to be the "lust of the mind" without it we do not engage with the new. We will explore its role within memory. On the other hand memory is the guardian of that lust and what keeps all of our "new" ready for retrieval.

We will explore this interesting and highly complex relationship.  


Upcoming Event:
Political campaigning + non political applications

15.06.16 / 7.00 PM

There’s something special and quite different about the way the collective conscience coalesces around the democratic process. Voters understand the part they play and the entire experience builds over months -sometimes years - to one day and one action - marking an “X” in the box of your choice. This sense of understanding and urgency impacts both the participants (voters) and creators (campaigners and politicians) as well as the intermediaries (the media). Applying the modern political campaigning model to other fields - charity and special interest campaigns, corporate marketing, internal change management - is not only highly affective but disruptive in a marketplace that has become otherwise routine and boring. This session will break down what makes political campaigns special and overlay the components on both private and third-sector examples. 

Upcoming Event:
International Relations: 3

08.06.16 / 7.00 PM

In this three-part series, Alexander Knapp will offer an introduction to international relations  for the curious and concerned global citizen.  The first session will offer a framework upon which the tapestry (or car-crash) of current events might make a bit more sense, followed by a whirlwind tour of who’s who in the ‘international community’, and finally, some of the good news about poverty, progress and global stability that gives us hope that we might get out of ‘Berzerkistan’ alive. A veteran of 20 years of international development, including eleven United Nations  peacekeeping and humanitarian aid missions, he specialises in post-conflict reconstruction, transitional governance and constitutional law, and large-scale logistics in fragile states.  A Visiting Lecturer at Regent’s University, he teaches international relations, international law and international business.

Upcoming Event:
Populism, Policy and Transparency

03.06.16 / 7.00 PM

Populism is one of the most used and abused terms. Venezuelan left-wing president Morales has been called populist, just as right-wing presidential candidate Trump. Adding fuel to populism is an increasing awareness of conditional transparency. Revelations continue from the likes of Wikileaks, Snowdon disclosures and the Panama Papers showing networks of power, data knowledge and financial management that are only accessible to a privileged few. What is to be made of negotiations behind closed doors for the TTIP? So with a move towards populism in the West, what does this mean for policy development & transparency? Does democracy need to be reinvented? We will discuss this in the light of the upcoming EU Referendum in the UK, the Dutch referendum on the Ukraine EU Membership, and the rise of Donald Trump.

Upcoming Event:

Quantum Computing and Neuroscience

01.06.16 / 7.00 PM

Join us at this roundtable discussing as we will examine and hypothesise how quantum computers could help neuroscientists understand the human brain. There is big hope that quantum computers would be able to accurately determine how diseases may develop, accelerate the abilities for machine learning, examine huge amounts of data and thus also aid in solving hugely complex problems. So how could quantum computing aid in the further understanding of the brain, if so at all? 

Upcoming Event:
Academy: Memory Systems

25.05.16 / 7.00 PM

Cognitive neuroscientist Araceli Camargo will lead this workshop examining memory systems.

We will learn about the different types of memory systems and gain the fundamentals to understand how people create memories.

Neuroscience is still quite a young science, however it has already shed significant understanding on how the brain and central nervous system help construct the world around us. Furthermore, technology is now working in symbiosis with science to give us a deeper, clearer, and more detailed vision of ourselves. Through these workshops we can use scientific studies to become more aware of how the brain works.

Upcoming Event:

CUBE Lunch

25.05.16 / 1.00 PM

Do you struggle to explain your proposition to new prospects? 

Have you ever had a prospect who seemed really keen, and then suddenly went into hiding giving you unlimited access to their voicemail? 

Once you've identified the prospect, do you find selling hard work? 

If you answered yes to any of those, come and join us and fellow Cuber Alastair for lunch!  

19.03.1611.00 AM PM AM PM PM PM PM PM


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