Studio 5
155 Commercial Street
London E1 6BJ

0207 377 9279

Mon - Fri
9 am to 6 pm

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Innovation Through Community

When you join THECUBE, you join a curated, diverse and smart community of scientists, engineers, designers, technologists, artists, futurists and anthropologists. We help our members innovate through our events, innovation labs and one to one mentoring. As a community we actively collaborate to create innovative solutions via our consultancy and independent projects. 

The physical space is open plan and designed to make you feel calm, focused and happy. We have created a space that is a tool for the 21st


century work needs, this means no cubicles, minimum artificial light, art, natural elements and openness. 

Our story began as a response to the financial crash of 2008; we hypothesised that it was the start of an economic and anthropological pivot. This kind of pivot brings monumental change, which needs a new way of thinking and tools. In 2014 we are starting a series of workshops which will extrapolate tools and intelligence from neuroscience, culture and industrial engineering. 


Our community is open, curious and friendly. We interview each potential member to ensure this is the right space for you and to keep the community diverse. After joining we help you connect with fellow members via our curated introductions and member events. 

Due to our large and mixed demographic of members, the community gives us our collective panoramic perspective. This aspect gives us the leading edge in problem solving and in creating a culture of innovation.